If there’s one thing we can do for ourselves, it’s to go easy on our bodies. After all, everybody and every body is different. So ladies, it’s time to love your hip dips!

I love Pinterest. I have over 1,000 Pins on my personal account, and I’m quickly adding them up over on the Pandora’s Health account too. But I do have one problem. Miracle cures. I’ve seen so many that promise to cleanse and fix such specific areas, that I just know they can’t be true.

One Pin in particular caught my eye the other day. It promised to get rid of my hip dips with 3 simple exercises. It even called itself a miracle. I was instantly suspicious, so I did some reading and actually found something rather marvellous.

What are hip dips?

If you’re blessed with perfectly round, Kardashian-esque hips then I have to ask…does your name begin with a K? No? Okay, I just had to check. Let’s carry on.

Hip dips are sometimes called violin hips, and it’s a dip that naturally occurs in the middle of your hips. It sits between the ‘muffin top’ and the top of the legs. It’s a perfectly natural thing and it’s all down to bone structure, so if you have dips, it’s because your pelvis sits higher up over the tops of your legs, meaning that things concave slightly in the middle.

And that’s it. They’re natural, normal and a lot of women have them. Sadly, it’s something that can make women feel down and insecure, myself included.

After all, we live in a world where we’re bombarded with photos of the ‘perfect’ body, typically hourglass, with hips that are perfectly round, smooth and noticeably dip free. So if you have these dips, and all you see is ‘perfection’, you’re bound to think that there’s something wrong with you.

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There’s no miracle fix – just acceptance

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s not much you can do to ‘fix’ your hip dips. The gluteus medius is the muscle that sits over the dip, and it can’t be bulked up. The only way to fill out the gap is to accumulate fat in that specific area, but we’re not all built that way. When I started to look up hip dips, Google suggested I add ‘injections’ to my search. No thank you.

The best way to deal with hip dips is to accept them. This is advice that’s simple to give, and hard to take. Believe me, I know.

Know that you’re not alone

The positive that came from researching hip dips is that I discovered an amazing trend on Instagram! I came across tonnes of articles describing the trending #hipdips and #violinhips – it turns out that thousands of women are sharing photos of their hips, with messages of encouragement and acceptance.

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We need to normalise and celebrate the variety of body types in this world. And this celebration starts on a personal level. So ladies, you are not alone if you have hip dips (I almost typed ‘suffer’ then realised that it’s not an affliction – normalisation really does take time!) and it’s time we learned to love them.

Remember, beauty is also how you feel on the inside.

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